Current Information

To all CB Residents– As of the April Village Board Meeting, the following new dates apply to our residents:

Water & Sewer invoices due: 16th of each calendar month.

Water disconnects will be on: 27th of each calendar month.     Thank you.


Keno Dollars - As of 10/1/2019, the Village of CB has made a total of $32,853.73 from Big Red Keno. Currently some of this money has been spent on CB park improvements, check it out!


Snow, Debris, and the Like on Street Prohibited.  It shall be unlawful to place, push or deposit snow, sleet, ice, or mud or any debris, including leaves, grass and branches from private property onto the streets of the Village.  Per Village Ordinance, General Regulations Chapter 92, Section 92.60.


Park Shelter Reservation - Is now available.  Please call the Village Hall in CB @ 402-628-3115 to rent the large picnic shelter for your next outdoor activity.  $13.00 fee for either time frame/partial day of 11:00 - 4:00 p.m. or 4:30 - 9:30 p.m.  A $25.00 fee for an all day reservation.  Reservation notices will be posted at the large picnic shelter and on the website. The 2 small picnic shelters are always available to the public and will not be rented out.  Thank you.


Cedar Bluffs Auditorium Rental

The Village of Cedar Bluffs rents their auditorium for a fee of $225.00 per event. The auditorium has a suggested capacity of 480 people on the gym floor and also includes handicapped restrooms and a kitchen.  A damage and key deposit of $125.00 is required when reserving the date.  Please call the Cedar Bluffs Public Schools 402-628-2080 for more details.  Thanks.


St. Mary's Update - There will not be an annual soup supper this year, but there will be a Pancake Breakfast in the future.  Please watch for upcoming details concerning this outstanding breakfast fundraiser and as always, thank you for supporting St. Mary's!


Keep Sewers Clean– Cedar Bluffs operates and maintains 4 miles of sewer mains and 2 sewer lift stations to keep wastewater flowing to the wastewater lagoons on the east side of CB.  Trained personnel monitor and inspect left stations regularly, but clogged pipes can cause sewer blockages, damaging equipment and sometimes your property.  The major causes of clogged sewers are people using toilets and kitchen sinks to improperly dispose of unwanted waste.  Never put the following down the toilet or sink drain: Wipes (flushable or disposable), facial tissues, gum, dental floss, kitty litter, medication, coffee grounds, eggshells, fats, oils, grease or feminine products. Should you ever have a sewer backup, there is no charge for the Utility to inspect the flow in the sewer main.  As a preventative measure, visit with a plumber for ways to minimize the possibility of sewer blockages in your home.  It is a challenge to keep sewer pipes and lift stations from clogging. 


Village Hall Hours - Monday thru Friday 8:00 - 12:00 p.m. & 12:30 - 4:30 p.m.